Is Ayurveda a mere science or a necessity?

Ayurveda has been a part of our daily lives knowingly or unknowingly. No matter where we go, the impact of modernity and man-made things have some where affected us. This is also damaging our roots and the ancient science of Ayurveda. However, Ayurveda cannot be completely removed from our lives.

The Ayurveda has been in existence for more than hundred years ago and is still practiced by all of us in one or the other way. This has made it a holistic style of living. In simple terms, Ayurveda is the science of healthy living which is a necessity for the human life. In the medical science, it is also known as the art of balancing the mind, body and soul.

Today, Ayurveda medicines are widely used in the foreign countries and are in great demand, due to its safe and effective results. According to a research by the World Health Organization, nearly about 80 percent of the world’s population relies on some forms of herbal medicines.


Here are a few simple ways to add the Ayurveda in your life and understand its importance:

  1. Try to get up early morning by 4:30 or 5 am as this is the best and most fresh period of the day. Getting up at this time will give you the maximum positive energy for the rest of the day.
  2. Take a close look on what you eat. Download a herbal or Ayurveda diet chart from the web and follow the same.
  3. Take a warm water bath before going to bed. You may also pour some lavender oil or sandalwood oil in the water, to take away the day’s tiredness.
  4. Do some walking everyday and preferably early morning.
  5. Include some herbs like ginger,garlic, turmeric, cumin seeds and black pepper in your meals for a healthy living.

6 secrets to the drop dead gorgeous you!

If looking attractive and beautiful concerns you, then this research will get the best out of you. All you need is your dedication and the results are guaranteed! Beauty does not come by applying make up or by wearing a new dress. It is the personality that attracts people and draw their attention. If you have a physically fit body, the clothes will automatically look good on you and a subtle make up would do wonders.

Follow these 6 secrets to bring the beauty that is hidden within you:

  1. Make a note of what you eat and how you exercise for atleast the first two weeks:

This will be a perfect eye opener for you and let you realize what you must not include in your diet. For a tip, cut down the sauces, condiments, drinks, snacks, fried food and spreads.


  1. Download an online weight loss companion:

Registering self with support groups, blogs and sites, which have more people with common interests can bring quick results with more motivation and inspiration.

  1. Make a promise:

Remember, promises are never meant to be broken, especially when you do it to yourself. Make a promise to cut down that one thing that is causing the calories and that you can’t resist, such as chocolates, junk, alcohol and many more.

  1. Eat at intervals and exercise frequently:

Do not hog at once, but eat in between intervals. This will help your body to burn the excess fats easily. On the top of it, when you exercise your body will come to the desired shape sooner.

  1. Do not watch TV for long periods:

It has been observed that people who watch more TV tend to eat more as they forget to hold on while watching their favorite program. Rather, utilize that time in doing ab crunches, spot jogging and stretching.

  1. Eat and exercise in front of the mirror:

In one of the studies held in the USA, if you look at yourself in the mirror while eating or exercising,  you would tend to eat less and pamper yourself more.

These simple 6 weight loss tips will get you the desired shape and curves

The weight loss is not any more a concern, but a fashion statement today. We all desire to have those beautiful curves and shape of the body. There is an innumerable list of strategies for weight loss, however, one must not forget his own body style and choose the best option available matching his lifestyle.

Follow these simple 6 weight loss tips for the desired results:

  1. Drink plenty of water:

It is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking plenty of water boosts the metabolism and helps to burn more calories than usual.


  1. Include more eggs in your breakfast:

Eggs help to reduce weight and this can also be checked on the web for more benefits of eating eggs. If you are exercising for weight loss, then eggs are essential, as these are rich in protein and energy that your body needs to lose weight.

  1. Sip coffee and green tea:

Two of the best drinks for weight loss.Quality and branded coffee includea high level of antioxidants and have various other health benefits. It is also good for the skin.

  1. Avoid peanut oil and other fatty oils in your diet:

Preferably, include more of coconut oil and olive oil in your diet and avoid all the other fatty oils in your cooking.

  1. Pick your favorite sport as a routine:

Whether it is swimming, jogging, cycling, badminton that you enjoy, make it your routine and go out to play atleast thrice a week.

  1. Do more of Aerobics or Yoga:

These two styles of exercises are well known for a curvy and well shaped body. There are various forms in theseexercises which will help you to focus only on those areas which need to be in shape.

Here are the 5 most amazing tips for the passionate fitness freaks

Fitness has been never that easy unless you have the passion to look fit and beautiful. If you have the passion and desire to keep yourself fit, nothing can stop you. All you need is a proper guidance and complete dedication towards your goal.

Here are the best fitness tips for you to follow and keep up the spirit live:

  1. Fuel your body in a healthy manner:

Just the way your car needs the best fuel to run efficiently, your body needs the best food to stay healthy. Your eating pattern and choice of eating will act as a perfect fuel to get you going for your fitness goal.

exercise and fitness

  1. Plan your routine:

In order to achieve something, proper planning is very much needed.  You must plan your routine which would include; the time you get up, time you plan your meals, time you exercise and few more. Once you have set a routine for yourself, stick to it for at least a few weeks.

  1. Eat more in less time:

It means to take proper intervals during your meals. Rather than eating at once for long periods, it is best to eat during intervals. This way, even if you eat for most time of the day, your body will digest it.

  1. Learn muscle building basics:

In the initial few weeks, it is best to get a personal trainer or a fitness instructor. Once you have learnt the art of muscle building training, you may start following your own pattern and routine. The most important thing to follow is to be regular at the gym.

  1. Natural Supplements:

There are plenty of natural supplements to boost metabolism and muscle gains. Find out a few reputed ones and get these recommended by your doctor before you begin.

Top 10 reasons why people rely on the Ayurvedic Science

If nature has made you unique in every way that includes your face, your personality and your lifestyle, then leaving nature would be unfair. It is only the nature which knows what is best for you. The science of Ayurveda is nothing but the revealed secrets of nature, which can help your body, mind and soul overall.

There are various reasons why people love to stick to Ayurveda science.  Here are a few listed for your reference:

  1. Ayurveda is incomparable:

Ayurveda is all about what is present in the nature. The herbs present is unique and every single herb has a different quality which helps your body, mind and soul in a different way. These herbs do not have any alternative or substitute which can be compared. We can certainly not put rocks or medicines instead of herbs in our meals.


  1. Ayurveda assures you good health:

If you eat timely and what is necessary, no illness can touch you. Getting up on time, exercising naturally and eating what is healthy, are the essentials ofan Ayurveda lifestyle.If you follow these three essentials, no one can question your health, lifestyle and beauty.

  1. Ayurveda understands you like no one else:

As mentioned earlier, humans are a part of nature and thus, it is the nature which understands us better. The Ayurveda herbs know each and every part of the body well and when consumed, these herbs start functioning to make them healthier.

  1. Ayurveda is natural and safe:

Ayurveda herbs, exercise and medicines are considered to be the safest and till date, there have been no evidences on the side effects of these. Thus, people feel satisfied by following this science due its natural and effective results. The results are slow, but firm.

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Here are the secrets behind those beautifully fit bodies

Have you ever thought of what is that special with these celebrities, who take the breath away by flaunting their beauty?These secrets are nothing, but the most simple steps that even you may start following.

Below are the top 6 secrets behind those fit and perfect bodies:

  1. Clean your house or car once a week:

Irrespective of how busy you are, there is some time for self cleaning. By self cleaning we do not mean bathing, but it means to clean the excess and unwanted calories from your body. Clean the windows, floor, bathroom and your car at least once a week. It is believed that you shed 4 calories per minute while cleaning.


  1. Walk up and down the staircase:

This is one of the best ways to lose calories at an incredible rate. Many celebrities prefer the idea of taking the staircase of their building, instead of the elevator.

  1. Do a 45 minute walking routine:

If you want that perfectly shaped figure, then start walking for 45 minutes instead of just 30. Brisk walking is considered to be the best way of loosing weight.

  1. Walk just before dinner:

According to a University in Scotland, 20 minutes walking before the dinner help in reducing the appetite and also brings those curves beautifully visible.

  1. Learn the art of interval training:

To kick your metabolism, you would have to learn to burn more calories than you usually during the day. Check with your fitness instructor to train you more on interval trainings.

  1. Balance the muscle building and cardio:

The more intense you work out, the more you need to be strong in strength from within. If you do cardio along with your workouts, your body will gain more strength to lose weight and remain fit.

Help yourself with these 7 simple tips on weight loss

Getting back in shape requires some time and most importantly, it needs your focus. If you really wish to be back in shape and lose weight, then you would have to follow a routine program for the first few weeks.

The below tips will help you to design an excellent weight loss program for yourself:

  1. Eat more spice:

Yes, it is true that people who eat more spicy food tend to lose weight easily. This is because of the Capsaicin compound in some spices, which helps to boost the metabolism.

fat lose

  1. Follow weight lifting sessions:

Along with weight loss, you need to tone up your fats. Stretching and weight lifting works best for weight loss as it gives the body the desired shape.

  1. Include more of fruits, veggies and juices:

Trust me, it works. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies in your meals. This will bring up the water level in your body and help you to lose weight much faster.

  1. Include more of proteins in your diet:

According to a medical research, if you intake more of protein, your metabolism will increase and will shed 100 calories than 80 per day.

  1. Do not diet:

Dieting will make you weak and not help you to lose weight. In fact, after losing weight if you start eating again, you will tend to put on weight. Thus, do not diet, but eat healthy foods.

  1. Do some cardio daily:

Cardio will help you to increase the energy in the body for your weight loss program and help you to lose weight much faster.

  1. Sleep well:

Sleeping is one of the essentials for any weight loss program. If you exercise more and eat healthy, your body needs proper rest to give you equal energy for the next day. Thus, get some good beauty sleep.

If starving makes you worried this diet chart will change your perception

The way you cannot live in the same clothes all your life, similarly, carrying an ugly or fat body whole life is not a good choice, especially when you have options available to change it. The best weight loss strategies begin with your diet. There is nothing to be panicked about the word – Diet. A good diet chart will never ask you to starve.

The below 6 tips on dieting will help you to understand the simplicity and benefit of dieting:

  1. Enjoy your breakfast:

If someone asks you to skip your breakfast, ask him to stop talking to you. Your breakfast is the most essential thing to keep you energized whole day. Include the best foods in your breakfast such as; juices, milk, fruits, veggies, eggs, oats and more.


  1. Chew properly:

Irrespective of the hurry you are in, either chew your food properly or postpone your meal. Never dump your food or gobble. This is a big no, especially for people who are obese.

  1. Keep the refrigerator locked at nights:

If you have a habit of munching late night snacks, it is time to lock your kitchen drawers and refrigerator.  The metabolism of your body slows down if you eat late nights.

  1. Control your cravings:

This is tough, I know, but, you may always find a substitute for your cravings. If you feel like having something sweet, instead of a donut it is better to pick an apple.

  1. Prepare your lunch:

Be the best cook for yourself. Make your lunch instead of others using oil for your food. You know better what your body needs.

  1. Talk to your brain:

Command your brain how you are going to set your daily routine. Train your brain that you would avoid at the decided timing.