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5 Exercises To Help the Disabled in Pain Relief

If you are disabled, that does not mean you are immobile. Although it may feel impossible, you too can still become as fit as an athlete!

When I turned 20, I was part of a terrible accident that left my legs immobile. For a long period of time, I did not exercise nor did I want to. However, I stumbled across a video of Nick Scott, a bodybuilder who is confined to a wheelchair. His videos and story inspired me to begin my journey to better health.

Strengthening Your Legs
If you are wheelchair bound, it may seem hard to exercise your legs. However, this it is not impossible. In order to exercise your quadriceps, you can do leg-ups.

Leg-ups consist of straightening one leg at a time to about 90 degrees. If you can easily accomplish 10 repetitions, add an ankle weight to the process. If you are experiencing joint pain, decrease the weight or the angle you lift to. As your strength increases, you can add to the number of repetitions until you reach 15 or add up to 5-pound ankle weights.

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What If I Cannot Lift My Leg?
There is a slight variation to this exercise called a knee up. Instead of lifting your straightened leg, curl your knees and lift. This will strengthen your hip flexors which will increase overall leg muscle.

Strengthening your Upper Body
Arm gains are relatively easy to achieve. Progress is achieved through good form and patience. If you do not have good form, you may injure yourself further or never see any improvements.

The optimal way of achieving your upper body goals is through compound movements. There are a wide variety of these movements and they include anything that utilizes more than one muscle group at a time. Examples of these movements include chest press, shoulder press, tricep dips, and dead lifts.

If you are unable to complete any of these lifts, sticking your arms out at 90 degrees for 2 minutes at a time will strengthen your shoulders. To strengthen your chest, sit on your knees and perform pushups until failure. To increase back strength, lay on the ground and pretend you are swimming freestyle. These exercises will increase your strength until you can utilize weights in your workout regimen.

Life is hard and being disabled makes it tougher. However, there are many benefits from lifting that you can attain. There are many businesses like that focus on helping us garner disability benefits to aid in our goals. Being disabled does not mean you cannot be fit. There are several ways we can accomplish our dreams and the benefits of lifting are not completely physical. You will feel healthier and happier! It is hard to begin, but once you start, you’ll be glad you did.

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