If looking attractive and beautiful concerns you, then this research will get the best out of you. All you need is your dedication and the results are guaranteed! Beauty does not come by applying make up or by wearing a new dress. It is the personality that attracts people and draw their attention. If you have a physically fit body, the clothes will automatically look good on you and a subtle make up would do wonders.

Follow these 6 secrets to bring the beauty that is hidden within you:

  1. Make a note of what you eat and how you exercise for atleast the first two weeks:

This will be a perfect eye opener for you and let you realize what you must not include in your diet. For a tip, cut down the sauces, condiments, drinks, snacks, fried food and spreads.


  1. Download an online weight loss companion:

Registering self with support groups, blogs and sites, which have more people with common interests can bring quick results with more motivation and inspiration.

  1. Make a promise:

Remember, promises are never meant to be broken, especially when you do it to yourself. Make a promise to cut down that one thing that is causing the calories and that you can’t resist, such as chocolates, junk, alcohol and many more.

  1. Eat at intervals and exercise frequently:

Do not hog at once, but eat in between intervals. This will help your body to burn the excess fats easily. On the top of it, when you exercise your body will come to the desired shape sooner.

  1. Do not watch TV for long periods:

It has been observed that people who watch more TV tend to eat more as they forget to hold on while watching their favorite program. Rather, utilize that time in doing ab crunches, spot jogging and stretching.

  1. Eat and exercise in front of the mirror:

In one of the studies held in the USA, if you look at yourself in the mirror while eating or exercising,  you would tend to eat less and pamper yourself more.

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