Academie Frontenac Muay Thai Is A Great Workout and Discipline To Learn

At the Académie Frontenac muay thai Montreal you can learn about one of many martial arts.  From traditional boxing and kick boxing to Easter self-defense techniques, the gym offers a variety of disciplines for athletes at any skill level.

For those looking for something intense and hearty, muay thai might be just the thing.


Muay Thai—also known as Thai boxing—is the cultural martial art of the Asian country of Thailand.  The origins of this martial art dates back at least a several hundred years, though its exact history remains under wide debate.  The major standing theory is that it developed over several centuries as tribes from China migrated south through Vietnam, Laos, Burma, and Cambodia which required fierce combat defense and military strategy.

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It was essentially developed with the methodology of a close-combat form in which the entire body acts as a powerful weapon.  This concept—the body as a weapon—serves to explain why the art is commonly called the art of eight members (two feet, two hands, two elbows, two knees). More specifically, though, the art uses each of the members as the weapons of war (which combine to make one larger weapon):

  • the hands mimic the sword and dagger
  • the elbows used to strike down opponents in the manner of a heavy mace or hammer
  • the legs and knees act as the axe and the staff
  • the shins/forearms become hard through training to act as armor from


Muay Thai classes typically involve three stages:

  • First, a warm up consisting of 5 minutes of jump rope and then another 5 minutes of exercise chosen by the instructor
  • Secondly, technique instruction and practice
  • Third, a final work out consisting of a series of exercises chosen by the instructor.


While Muay Thai is a powerful martial art and self-defense discipline, muay thai classes can provide great additional benefits. Aside from self defense, those who participate in muay thai classes can also benefit from the development of other physical attributes:

  • speed and agility
  • endurance and stamina
  • power and strength

Perhaps a side effect of muay thai, too, is full body awareness and coordination. Since this cultural martial art relies on the full body as an entire weapon, it inherently develops this sense of awareness.

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