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All You Want To Know About Tooth Whitening For the Extra Gorgeous Smile on Your Face


You want to enjoy the smiles with your friends and colleagues, but are hesitant to do so for a simple reason that your teeth are yellowish and having color patches, isn’t it? There’s always a solution with new technologies coming up. Tooth whitening is the solutions for those who have fear of having a smiling face. But what is tooth whitening? Is it convenient and safe? What is the procedure involved? Let us try to answer your questions.

What is tooth whitening?

Over the period of time, the tooth becomes discolored and loses its shine due to stains. The procedure to remove the stains, discolor and whiten the teeth to get back the brightness is called tooth whitening. It is most commonly done through cosmetic dental procedure. The procedure is not only done one time thing, but followed series of sessions depending on the discoloration of the teeth and eating habits.

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Why is it required?

Enamel – the outer layer of your teeth plays a vital role for whiteness of the teeth. The reflection and scattered light off the enamel and dentin under creates the color of the natural teeth. The factors for improper reflection can be thickness and smoothness of the enamel as well as the genes affecting it.

The discoloration of the teeth is mainly because of the stains formed on the enamel and improper reflections. The formation of stains can be caused by colored drinks such as tea, coffee, sports drink, hard candies and tomato sauce etc. It can also be because of smoking, eating tobacco and improper care of the teeth.

Besides this you might require tooth whitening because of aging wherein the dentins become darker, enamel gets thinner and cavity build-up over the years.


The success of tooth whitening depends on many factors hence it is necessary that few preparations are done before the final procedure of tooth whitening. For instance, the cavities build up is treated first so that the discoloration is reduced. The decayed areas of the teeth are cleaned up since the whitening gel can pass through these areas to the root of the tooth nullifying the effect. The receding gums followed by tooth whitening makes them sensitive and will not show good results.

Types of tooth whitening:

Mainly there are two types of tooth whitening:

  • In-office:

In this type, you are required to go to the dentist’s place where he will check the teeth, get into the details of stains and discoloration and photograph it for monitoring the progress. The dentist will then start the process of tooth cleaning and remove bacteria, stains and other substances responsible for discoloration. Once this process is complete, the procedure for tooth-whitening starts. All the process is done at the dentist place and might complete in one sitting or more depending upon the tooth condition.

  • In-house:

In this type, a customized tray is made which is filled with whitening gel. This tray is worn daily for an hour till two to four weeks.

Whitening procedures:

There are two types of procedures followed

  • Vital Whitening:

The vital whitening procedure is done by applying hydrogen peroxide gel or whitening agent directly on the tooth surface after the post-preparation procedure is completed. The whitening agents are activated by using special lights, laser equipment or by heat. The process is done until the desired result is achieved.

  • Non-vital whitening:

In non-vital whitening, the whitening agent is placed inside the tooth and temporary filled in. It is similar process done for root canaling. The filling is kept placed for several days and repeated until the desired shade is reached.

Whatever procedure you follow, but when you have best dentist in Fort Worth you are free from fear and have a sparkling new life with your brightest teeth ever. The tooth whitening will add to the personal appearance whilst minimizing the sensitivity issues caused by the process.

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Stephen Tomalin has many years of experience working under the best dentist in Fort Worth, H. Peter Ku, DDS, PA. They provide all different types of dental services at their state of the art dental facility.

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