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Become A Mother At An Older Age Via Surrogacy

As people grow older, the prospect of carrying a pregnancy to its full term becomes a risky prospect. But with surrogacy, this is now possible. In fact, approximately 30,000 children were born to surrogate mothers in the year 2010 alone. Yet not many people correctly know how to become a surrogate mother to a child.

This process starts with the person interested putting up an application expressing her wish. Once approved, a surrogate agency will facilitate meetings with prospective parents. On successfully making a match, certain medical as well as psychological evaluations are conducted after which necessary medications are given to start the process of embryo transfer.

Once the embryo is implanted, a surrogate mother will have to undergo regular checkups. In due course, the surrogate mother and would be parents sign a contract specifying the responsibilities of the parties concerned and the compensation is worked out.

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