Can Cannabis Help Skin Cancer?

Marijuana (also known as cannabis) has been used for medicinal, aswell as recreational purposes for many thousands of years. It was only in the 20th century that this substance was banned. But, as we have moved into the 21st century, cannabis has been the subject of much research into its supposed medicinal properties which has led to a relaxation in the various laws that once supressed its usage.

Part of this research has focused on such areas as mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety, aswell as treating chronic conditions such as back pain and diabetes. But, more attention is being focussed on the area of skin cancer, with many researchers producing papers which suggests that using cannabis can restrict and slow the speed at which cancer cells can spread to other areas of the body. This is certainly very interesting and is being reported by various cannabis news websites.

Can Cannabis Oil be used to Cure Skin Cancer?

Despite the proclamation from many researchers which suggest that cannabis can halt the spread of skin cancer, there is currently no conclusive scientific evidence that cannabinoids or cannabis can cure cancer. To me, it appears skin cancer patients are seeing success in skin cancer reduction by using marijuana. Hash oil seems to be working in this regard.

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Can Cannabis usage cut the risk of cancer and treat cancer?

It should be noted that the vast majority of research into the effects of cannabis on skin cancer is being completed in the lab and on animal test subjects, rather than humans, so there has been much discussion as to whether success in the lab can be transferred into humans. It is true that humans tend to be more advanced and complex compared to their animal subjects. As such, there is only one study on humans that reported a reduction in cancer growth. I believe, as of May 2016, that this is the only research of its kind which has announced antitumoral benefits to patients.

It could be suggested that this study could form the basis for further, more advanced clinical studies in the future, which could prove once and for all whether these antitumoral claims can be substantiated. That being said, there is evidence out there at the moment which suggests cannabinoids can help in the fight against skin cancer, I believe more research needs to be done before we start promoting cannabis as a viable treatment route for patients.

There has also been research into using cannabis to combat severe side effects in skin cancer treatment. These symptoms include treating nausea from chemotheraphy or radiotherapy, but studies in this area are rather limited.

It certainly appears that researchers are open to the idea of using cannabis in the treatment of skin cancer and reducing the disease’s side effects – although progress does seem to be rather slow. It could be argued more established drugs companies are pushing back against this alternative treatment route. If you are curing cancer with cannabis or any cannabis related product, let us know your experience.

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