Clenbuterol cycle – using it the right way for optimum benefits

Clenbuterol is the drug that is used to cut down the extra fats in the body without affecting the lean muscles. It helps in increasing the stamina, provides immense strength and increase the metabolism in the body. This drug can be purchased over the counter. It does not require any doctor’s prescription. It helps in providing greater output of cardiac where the heart pumps more blood at every single beat. The Blood pressure is increased. Smooth contraction of muscles.

Clenbuterol cycle:

Clenbuterol is extremly powerful. This drug is majorly recommended to be taken on a 2 days on and 2 days off basis. However it is proved that two days are not sufficient to have the effect of the drug in the body before one can start off with the next cycle. Even according to the recent studies, to have the effectiveness at a mast faster pace, one must take it on a 1 week on and one week off basis. This cycle then continues for two weeks on/two weeks off and then finally three weeks on/three weeks off. The effect of the dosage gradually decreases and can have up to 18 days of effect. Even the burning of fat is something that lasts for 3-6 weeks. When the person is taking the drug between the cycles of two weeks then it has high level of energy during the consumption of the drug; however when the cycle goes through the two weeks off schedule the person may feel a little lethargic. At this time people generally take other drugs too but then it is suggested that no other drug should be combined with the Clenbuterol. This may harm the central nervous system at the higher rate.


Dosages and the ways to use this drug in an effective manner:

This drug is available in different forms like the syrups, injections, pills of different mg, gel form or the powder form. The general dosage for women is around 40 to 80 mcg per day and for men it is around 80 to 160 mcg -per day. However one should be careful with the usage as the excessive usage can lead to less usage of the drug. The effect gradually decreases with more consumption of the drug. Therefore the maximum dosage could be up to 3 to 4 weeks. In case the effect of fat burning is not there then one should stop the cycle. This drug is high in its effectiveness hence one must take it initially in small quantities and then gradually increase it day by day. This recommended dosage can decrease the side effects in the body. Though the drug can be bought without prescription still one needs to be careful with the dosage one intends to take for.

This drug is not advisable for people who are:

  • Pregnant
  • Or have the risk of high blood pressure
  • Who have heart diseases
  • People who take the insulin
  • Who usually go for workout
  • It should not be taken after 4 pm

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