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Crisis of original maple syrup comes to an end with worldwide delivery option from maple syrup direct

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Obtaining 100 per cent original maple syrup in various parts of the world is a very arduous errand. The sweet sap of the maple tree has highly healthy attributes. And as such, to replenish the void, there are several false products available in the market. The popular “pancake syrups” are nothing but products made up from maple syrup substitutes. There are also stuffs available which claim to be maple flavoured. Thus, while looking out for original maple syrup, one has to be extremely careful about the availability of these fake ones.

The reasons for the excessive global crisis of maple syrup

  • The small area of production

A very diminutive patch of land of the North American continent takes part in the making of the famous maple syrup. Whilst the USA is a trivial provider of this delicious syrup, the main volume is produced in Canada by only a few provinces, namely New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Quebec.

mapple syrup

  • The succinct stint of extraction

The maple season extends for a very short span of time. This phase is marked with the beginning of the spring season and ends within a few weeks. During this short span, all the trees are tapped to collect the sap which is then processed for manufacturing the highly demanded maple syrup.

The role of maple syrup direct

Maple syrup direct, a Canada based company, produces 100 per cent original maple syrup and also various other products such as delicious candies and butters, that are made from this maple syrup. The originality of their product is guaranteed. But they are distinctive because of their delivery facility. Maple syrup direct delivers these original products globally, so that people at any location can avail and enjoy these delicacies effortlessly.

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