Difference Between an Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary and an Occupational Therapist

The difference between an occupational therapy assistant salary and an occupational therapists salary is the different job descriptions. The occupational therapy assistant is there to assist an occupational therapist through their daily routine. An occupational therapy assistant is a health provider working under the direction of occupational therapists to assist in the implementation of treatment programs that are designed to improve or maintain clients’ ability to function independently. They primarily work wherever and whenever the occupational therapist works. An occupational therapist is there to work with sick, injured, disabled, aging and emotional and psychologically affected people. An occupational therapist mostly overseas the development of individualized and group-oriented programs to help increase their ability to care for themselves and to work, study or perform general activities such as running or walking up stairs. They also have the option of working with communities and companies to create and implement health promotions programs.


The salaries differ between an occupational therapy assistant and an occupational therapists of course due to the more complex tasks performed by one of them. On average an occupational therapists makes as low as 50,500$ per year and as high as 107, 070$ annually. For an occupational therapy assistant salary the lowest they make is 32,970 $ annually and the highest they can make is 73, 120$ annually. This is due to having different job descriptions and different tasks. An occupational therapist has more experience education wise and in the work field as well. It is mandatory for both occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants to shadow one in their industry and see how it is to be in the real world working with real patients in order to graduate from your technical program.

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