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Getting Professional Help from an Expert for Helping Children Come Out of Anxiety

Is your child spending a lot of time worrying about her body and is trying out new diets to become thinner like a pin-up girl? Chances are that she is bordering on anorexia and before it is too late, a visit to the child and adolescent psychiatrist is very strongly advised. It is very common these days for young boys and girls, to starve themselves and form unrealistic ideals in their mind about ideal body weight and size. Children who do not know the harm are exposing their bodies to, even go to the extent of starving themselves when their parents are not at home just so that they become thin like their role model.

Is your child not very communicative or friendly with the kids in the neighborhood and sits alone or gets bullied around? Has this started to happen when you had moved him from one school to another? The depression and adjustment issues could be something that would need professional counseling sessions for the child to open up and talk his heart out. Growing children are usually a little shy and wary about everything around them, and this is what experts in child psychiatry like Dr. Jonathan Lauter shall be able to help you. He has over 20 years of sound practical experience in helping children and teens come out of a host of similar mind related problems like ADHD, Anxiety, Bi-polar disorders, OCD, Alcohol and drug dependence, Autism, Speech and learning disability to name a few.


As a doctor treating children and teens, one has to understand that mind is by itself very complicated and added to that, the mind of the child is even more difficult to read. Children and teens do not open up easily and this is where doctors and specialists in psychiatry like Jonathan Lauter MDwould be able to do what you cannot do.

His approach of learning about mental health conditions using new analytical methods, diagnosis and medication make him very approachable. His specialization in clinical neurodevelopment, and psychiatry and psychology has made him quite a veteran in this field. He holds the prestigious position of the Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient clinic at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens New York. He has his own private practice in Manhattan too where he spends time in helping more children and teens walk towards a normal lifestyle and back on track.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD is a person who has seen and felt that with proper understanding of the child’s condition and reading the factors that ails him, he can be cured faster. His genial approach towards the patients, with care and keeping in mind that the child is already edgy, has helped in counseling them back to lead their life better and become more sociable. In cases, where the child is suffering from learning or speech related issues, too, the doctor has helped them and made them accept learning and grow with it to even have a fit lifestyle too.

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