Getting back in shape requires some time and most importantly, it needs your focus. If you really wish to be back in shape and lose weight, then you would have to follow a routine program for the first few weeks.

The below tips will help you to design an excellent weight loss program for yourself:

  1. Eat more spice:

Yes, it is true that people who eat more spicy food tend to lose weight easily. This is because of the Capsaicin compound in some spices, which helps to boost the metabolism.

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  1. Follow weight lifting sessions:

Along with weight loss, you need to tone up your fats. Stretching and weight lifting works best for weight loss as it gives the body the desired shape.

  1. Include more of fruits, veggies and juices:

Trust me, it works. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies in your meals. This will bring up the water level in your body and help you to lose weight much faster.

  1. Include more of proteins in your diet:

According to a medical research, if you intake more of protein, your metabolism will increase and will shed 100 calories than 80 per day.

  1. Do not diet:

Dieting will make you weak and not help you to lose weight. In fact, after losing weight if you start eating again, you will tend to put on weight. Thus, do not diet, but eat healthy foods.

  1. Do some cardio daily:

Cardio will help you to increase the energy in the body for your weight loss program and help you to lose weight much faster.

  1. Sleep well:

Sleeping is one of the essentials for any weight loss program. If you exercise more and eat healthy, your body needs proper rest to give you equal energy for the next day. Thus, get some good beauty sleep.

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