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Have you ever thought of what is that special with these celebrities, who take the breath away by flaunting their beauty?These secrets are nothing, but the most simple steps that even you may start following.

Below are the top 6 secrets behind those fit and perfect bodies:

  1. Clean your house or car once a week:

Irrespective of how busy you are, there is some time for self cleaning. By self cleaning we do not mean bathing, but it means to clean the excess and unwanted calories from your body. Clean the windows, floor, bathroom and your car at least once a week. It is believed that you shed 4 calories per minute while cleaning.


  1. Walk up and down the staircase:

This is one of the best ways to lose calories at an incredible rate. Many celebrities prefer the idea of taking the staircase of their building, instead of the elevator.

  1. Do a 45 minute walking routine:

If you want that perfectly shaped figure, then start walking for 45 minutes instead of just 30. Brisk walking is considered to be the best way of loosing weight.

  1. Walk just before dinner:

According to a University in Scotland, 20 minutes walking before the dinner help in reducing the appetite and also brings those curves beautifully visible.

  1. Learn the art of interval training:

To kick your metabolism, you would have to learn to burn more calories than you usually during the day. Check with your fitness instructor to train you more on interval trainings.

  1. Balance the muscle building and cardio:

The more intense you work out, the more you need to be strong in strength from within. If you do cardio along with your workouts, your body will gain more strength to lose weight and remain fit.

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