How is Progesterone important to women?

Progesterone is generally known to be as the sex hormone of a female. In general terms, the only hormone which is responsible for developing the sex organisms in a female body is due to the presence of Progesterone. But apart from being such vital for females, it comes out to be important in various aspects for female sex organisms also. If you want to know more about this vital part in your body, here are some information below:

Bio-Identical Progesterone

The Progesterone is nothing but actually a C21 steroid hormone which plays a vital role in the pregnancy as well as the menstrual cycle of a woman. Substances like Dioscorea are usually responsible for generating hormones such as progestogen in the human body. However, progestogens are naturally built hormones in the human body. The artificial development of such hormones can be done with the help of the yam family of hormones. All these are excreted with the help of Progesterone Creams.

Plant Sources

There are many sources from where hormones such as progesterone can be obtained artificially ad one of the primary sources are the plant source. The major plant which is responsible for this is Dioscoreamexicana. This plant is initially found in Mexico which is a branch of the yam family. The steroid diosgenin present in the plant body is removed in the laboratories and then renamed to be known as progesterone. Other than these important plants which are responsible for generating Progesterone and different Progesterone Creams are:

  • Dioscoreapseudojaponica
  • Dioscoreavillosa

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Progesterone Levels

In women the level of progesterone hormones vary from the time to time. This is because at the preovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle, it happens to be quite lower indeed. During the luteal phase of the woman, it remains to be stagnant but due to the formation of ovules, it generally increases. However, when measured, it is found that it is < 2ng/ml in the earlier stages with low hormones but when the ovules are formed, the level of hormones increases stiffly to > 5ng/ml. However the level of hormones quietly changes as the number of progesterone increases to 100-200 ng/ml due to the effect of the luteal-placental shift in the menstrual cycle.

Effects in the Reproductive System

Not only developing the sex genes of the human body, but this hormone plays a vital part in the Reproductive System too with the foetus development. Progesterone generally converts the endometrium indo a secretory substance which then helps in developing the uterus. Simultaneously, with the help of this process, the hormone Progesterone also plays a vital role in developing organisms such as cervical mucus as well as the vaginal epithelium. By means of this process, it also reduces a lot of the immune response in the female body as a reason why there is a drop of the Progesterone level.


In general, the human body is not prepared to be absorbing the injected progesterone, but however artificial progesterone can still be created from different sources. All what it needs to be done is bring the sources of the hormones from plants or from other sources.

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