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How Much Should You Pay for a Lasik Surgery?

Are you having doubts on whether you need a LASIK surgery,or maybe you need information on LASIK Singapore price? Read on as this article aims to help you learn more about the LASIK surgery pricing nowadays.

In general, the LASIK Singapore price ranges from $3500 to $6500. There is really no solid price information since prices can still depend on how much vision correction a patient needs, what technology the surgeon uses, as well as how difficult the procedure is. The best way to know the rate is to visit an eye doctor and have your eyes checked.

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Are Cheaper Prices Available for LASIK treatment?

While there are surgery centers offering low or discounted LASIK prices, only few patients are eligible for them. Those discount offers for LASIK treatment may be due to the following reasons:

  • It is usuallyfor patients with lower vision correction needs – the reason behind the cheaper price may be because most patients are not eligible for that pricing. This is because the cheap pricing is only for those with lower vision correction requirements like low nearsightedness only. More often than not, farsighted patients and people with astigmatism are not eligible for this pricing.
  • Pricing only covers certain fees – maybe the center offers affordable rates only for certain fees, not all fees that are needed for the entire procedure. For example, the discounted rate may only cover the consultation and pre-surgery exam or they may have limited number of follow-up visits. In the event where additional follow-ups are required, they may not be covered.
  • The LASIK procedure may be performed using older technology – while this is not harmful, newer technologies for LASIK offer better possibilities of precise procedure. Newer technology also has less risk of complications.

    If you found a center that offers cheaper LASIK treatment, do not hesitate to ask for a written quote where you can see everything included in the offer. Ask about all possible extra charges before going ahead with the procedure.

How Do You Prepare for a LASIK treatment?

Avoid wearing corrective lenses – in case you usually wear contact lenses to correct your vision, you will need to stop wearing it a few weeks prior to your scheduled surgery. You can switch to prescription glasses full-time if necessary.  This is because your contact lenses can distort your cornea’s shape, leading to poor surgical outcome or inaccurate measurements. Depending on your eye’s condition, your eye specialist will provide specific guidelines on how you should prepare for the preparation. It will be best if you will also inform him or her that you used to wear contact lenses in case there needs to be any necessary adjustments with your surgery’s schedule.

Skip the eye make up – before, during, and even after your surgery, avoid wearing any cream or eye makeup. Your eye specialist may also advise you to have your eyelashes cleaned on a daily basis in the days leading up to your scheduled surgery. This is to ensure that you are able to remove any debris as well as to minimize any risks of infection.

Do not drive on your way home – on the day of your operation, ask someone to accompany you. This is because your vision may still be blurry after the operation so you will not be able to drive on your way home. Besides blurry vision, you might also still feel the effects of medication given to you before surgery.

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