Hairs are integral part of our body and beauty. Without good hairs, our physical appearance is incomplete. Even if your scalp is full of hairs but if it is full with gray hairs, you will still feel incomplete. Earlier gray hairs were generally associated with aging but this was decade old concept, now you can observe graying of hair even in twenties.


Hair graying is first stage of hair loss. If we don’t check hair loss at earlier stage ultimately it will lead to cascading effects of hair loss and ultimately baldness. It is always beneficial to treat this problem early as if you reach hair shedding stage and if mix with hair graying problem then you can reach to higher level of baldness. After this stage, hair transplantation is only the last resort to get your back. India is growing as medical tourist center with its several cities like Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and Chennai are offering hair transplantation facilities. Among these cities, hair transplant cost in Pune is most affordable and optimum as per its result.


First we have to understand what is graying of hair, it is a condition when color-producing cell is not producing color pigment any more. There are several reason for premature hair graying, such as

  1. Genetic Reasons: Genes are key players in converting black hairs into gray. If premature gray of hair is running across your family, either paternal or maternal, chances are high that you will also suffer pre-maturing of hairs.


  1. Thyroids: Sometime due to some conditions, hormones secretion from thyroid gland become irregular and in such case greying of hair starts, Although if secretion of hormones get regularized by medication or any other methods, then hair greying will reverse automatically.
  2. Artificial coloring and bleaching: Hairs are like hollow pipe and whatever you apply to hairs, it get absorbed by hairs. So if you keep on applying colors over hair again and again then it alter pigment making procedure of hairs and your hairs will start greying with faster speed.


  1. Nutritional deficiency: B12 is main vitamin which is responsible for generation of pigment from hair, and if there is any lack vitamin B12 in our food diet, its effect will directly manifest by your hair. Apart from this, lack in anti-oxidant, folic acid and omega 3 also led to aging of hair and pre-mature greying of hair.
  2. Stress: Ithas been observed that, those people who suffer through more psychological worries and stress for a longer period of time, they suffer pre- maturing of hair much early than others. It happen because stress create extraordinary tension over scalp skin, which obstruct nutritional supply to hairs and in absence of these vital nutrients, hair start greying early.


Tips for checking pre mature greying of hairs:

Greying of hair has having cascading effect. Once you release that some of your hairs are greying and you did not adopt checking measures for greying of hair, it will multiplied several times in just span of few minutes. Fortunately, to check greying of hair is not that much tough, just it require change in your daily lifestyle and your food chart along with some yoga and exercise. Some of the tips are:

Tip #1. Balanced diet

Hairs are made of protein and keratin and any absence in these nutrients will directly manifest by condition of hair. You require high dosage of vitamin B12, Omega 3 and Folic acid in your food. These are the essential component which require for keeping our hair black and keep them healthy and silky. Omega 3 make your hair strong and vitamin help in retaining hair color and vitamin B serve as good stress reliever. The foods which are high in these nutrients are meat, bee, chicken, legumes, green leaves, milk and other dairy products.


Tip #2. Say no to devitalizing food

On one hand, if it is important to take important nutrients in food, then on other hand it is equally important to avoid those food which are devitalizing our body. These food not only take away energy out of you, but also cause unattractive image, wrinkles, premature old age and grey hairs. Some of such foods are pastries, jellies, jam, refined sugar and white flour.


Tip #3. Quit smoking and alcohol consumption

Try to quit smoking and stop alcohol consumption as soon as possible and if it is not possible, at least try to minimize it. These things stimulate aging of skin and hairs and produce more oxidants in the body.


Tip #4. Exercise and yoga

Exercise and yoga are the two things which improve our blood circulation, crate ant-oxidants and increase the life of skin and hairs. Try to practice yoga for at least half an hour and do exercise for one hour so that it will increase metabolism and help in retaining original hair color.


Tip #5. Try home remedies

Instead of using artificial color and dye for getting black color for your hair, try awalashikakai and mehndi – heena to retain the color of hair. This also make hair healthy and smooth along with brining dark color to hairs.

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