How to Reduce Puffy Nipples without Requiring Surgery?

The swelling of the chest tissues in men makes it appear like the breast, this condition is called gynecomastia. It is generally caused due to the imbalance in the hormones called estrogen and testosterone. Although, it is not a serious problem but it can cause inferiority complex in men and sometimes it can cause pain in the chest. In condition of gynecomastia, thenipples become puffy and heavy like the breast.  Many times, the puffiness of the nipples goes on its own while on intense growth of the breast, men should immediately contact the physicians for seeking the right treatment.

Get rid of the puffy nipples

The accumulation of glandular tissues under the areola gives it a dome shape. People who continuously take steroids also have to face the problem of puffy nipples. If you want to get rid of the puffy nipples then you should follows the mentioned tips:

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    • Body weight fly is the exercise which is helpful in hardening the chest muscles and removing the extra fat from the chest. By regular practicing this exercise. You will be able to get the flatter and firmer chest. Legs have to cross up and you have to support your body on the arms and elbows are kept straight and leaning forward.  You have to slide down your hands to the side; you have to then try to bring your chest down to the floor and try to touch the floor by putting all your weight on the arms.  It will help to harden the breast muscles by reducing the amount of fat from the breast.
    • In order to get rid of the puffy nipples, it is suggested that you should improve your diet. Diet change along with doing plenty of chest exercises will reduce the puffiness over a period of time. The chest will be shaped up and pectoral muscles will get firmed. This blog post offers some useful pointers on what not to eat.

    Home care remedies for reducing the puffiness of the skin

    Here are some home care remedies for reducing the puffiness of the skin:

    • Compress ice cubes on the affected area and take pain reliever recommended by the experts.
    • Do not take drugs which causes reaction.
    • Consumption of the bodybuilding supplements should also be stopped to prevent further growth of the chest muscles.

    Surgical treatments for reducing the puffy nipple

    If you feel that the puffiness of the nipple is not disappearing at all, then you can opt for the surgical method. It includes liposuction and laser treatments which are used for melting down the accumulated fat underlying the breast.

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