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How You Know Cosmetics Are Safe

The European Union laboratory and regulatory body called CEWAY is responsible for producing CPSR cosmetics reports and approvals that insure cosmetics are safe to use. The CPSR cosmetics reports are a necessary document for any company to manufacture cosmetics in the European Union or to be allowed to import cosmetics into the European Union.

CEWAY has the ultimate authority to test and approve cosmetics and is the gate keeper that provides laboratory testing of cosmetics and regular approval of manufacturing plants, processes, and procedures. The laboratories involved with CEWAY (http://www.ceway.eu/)  test everything that could be a potential threat to a person’s health that uses a cosmetic before and after the cosmetic has been licensed for sale.

CPSR cosmetics reports provide information about every aspect of a cosmetic. The reports include a complete assay of all components of a cosmetic, the physical and chemical stability of the cosmetic over time, and an analysis of trace contaminant that includes any cosmetic product packaging.


The testing methodology is elaborate and complex. Several branches of science and numerous scientists may be called on to evaluate one aspect of a cosmetic product that falls within their knowledge of a specialized branch of science.

CEWAY’s CPSR cosmetics reports include a listing of the effects that a user may experience over long-term use of a cosmetic. All undesirable, toxicological, microbiological, and potential side effects are enumerated in the reports.

Each CPSR cosmetics evaluation includes the names of all the persons involved in the testing. The idea is to prevent a person that has a financial interest in any cosmetic product from being involved in the safety analysis. The test results and the reasons for any warnings or risks are fully explained in the final report.

The results of CPSR cosmetics testing produces labeling that lists the potential problems a person may experience using a particular cosmetic. Care is taken to insure that as many types of skin, disease conditions, and potential harms are made a part of the label as possible so the end user can be completely aware of any risk.

CEWAY also inspects the manufacturing process to assure that the process is in compliance with the latest good manufacturing standards set by ISO. Any product that has animal testing involved with it is clearly explained on the label that is approved by CEWAY.

As an additional safeguard for the user of cosmetics, CEWAY requires that contact information including phone number and web site for their labs and offices be clearly available on all approved cosmetic products. A user that experiences a problem has direct contact with the body that tested and approved the cosmetic.

The CPSR cosmetics also provide you with an assurance that the product will do what it claims to do. CEWAY labs conduct extensive long-term tests on cosmetics to evaluate them in terms of producing the effect that is desired by the user.

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