Invisalign Is A Procedural Treatment

Invisalign is a dental procedure that has become one of the popular options for straightening and alignment treatments. The procedure begins with you visiting the right dentist and getting your teeth diagnosed. The best part of the exam is that you do not have to pay any fee. This exam is basically to judge whether you are the right person to undergo the Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign is not given to all patients. Especially if you are a minor, then there is no chance. This is only for adults or adolescents. To convince you, seek advice from someone who has been treated with Invisalign in Arlington, Texas.

Once the dentists are convinced that you are perfect for this treatment, your records are maintained. The records include the following:

  • Photographs of your face and the jaw and teeth
  • Your teeth impressions
  • X-rays

These records are later sent for detailed analysis and understanding. There is scanning of your impressions to be able to derive the 3-D image of your teeth. The technicians remove teeth one at a time, in the computer, to be able to derive the final position and impression of your jaw.

This step is repeated several times to draw the jaw structure of your mouth. The changes are made very diligently. After this, now the turn is to avail the trays. This is the lengthiest process. This is because each tray is made for your specific smile. Once the tray is in the hands, only then will the teeth straightening begin.


The beginning

Once you start to wear the invisalign trays, you have to wear them for two weeks. Each tray is made considering the development of your teeth shaping process. It has been noted the movement happens at 1/110 mm per tray. When you put the second tray, your teeth might have already got into shape.

At times, the patients are asked to wear rubber bands along with the aligners. It is quite similar to the traditional braces. These bands are used to rotate a special tooth, so that correct aligning may be done for the perfect shaping of teeth.


As soon as the time comes for the final trays, you may consider the term retainers. Several patients opt for clear and plastic ones that look almost like invisalign. Some of you may opt for permanent retainers that are fixed on the lower side of the front teeth.

These retainers may be put as per your convenience. You may wear them continuously and, after a while, these may be turned into sleepwear trays, which you can use even when you enjoy a nap.

As you age, your jaw and teeth change. While Invisalign is not fit for everyone, if you are the right patient, then congratulations, because you are on your way to getting your teeth fixed.

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