Is IVF A Choice For Your Infertility Issues?


Discovering that you cannot get started with a family in the most natural way can be depressing. Sadly, you are not the only couple to face this. It is now known that infertility affects as many as 15% couples around the world in some way or the other. The good news is the availability of many options in the medical world, which always adds hope for many. Among the best and successful choices is IVF, which is considered by doctors and experts as the last resort, especially when nothing else has worked. Check some of the facts that you should know.

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Basic facts

IVF stands for In vitro fertilization, which is the process where the sperm and eggs are taken for fertilization in a lab, following which the embryo is placed in the uterus. Some couples opt for a gestational carrier for getting the baby delivered, which can be a worthy choice too. IVF is among the most expensive options but is equally successful too, so you need to be sure if this is something for your needs. Usually, women who are over 35 years of age and have taken other treatments with no good results are advised to go for IVF.

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Things that matter

Many times, IVF may mean involving a donor and a surrogate mother, so you need to know the exact costs. Also, there are also chances of conceiving twins or triplets, as the doctor may use more than one fertilized embryo to increase the possibilities of getting pregnant. Among other things is the whole range of tests and preparation, which may take some time and will require the couple to make some serious lifestyle changes.

Make sure that you talk to your doctor in detail for IVF and surrogacy in Russia, so that there are no issues whatsoever with regards to your chances and options.

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