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Keeping Your Body’s Engine Running Longer Needs Preventive Care

There is nothing more important to keep a motor running than a good engine. This is the same for a human and their main engine, also known as their heart. As we age, it is important to monitor any slight changes we may feel in our bodies especially when it has to do with the main muscle that we depend so much on. Whether it is for a preventive checkup or a clinical diagnosis, there are great private medical centers than can do just that.


Today’s medicine has improved so much over the years, that there are numerous examinations that help and prevent serious cardiovascular problems. Blood work can provide knowledge of how the body transports cholesterol to blood sugar levels. This type of work can assess a person’s state and see whether they have any coronary artery disease.  Aside from this, other tests like electrocardiography (ECG, EKG) which monitors the electrical levels of the blood, Holter monitor which monitor rhythm abnormalities, cardiac stress testing which assess the cardiac function, and medical imaging like ultrasounds and coronary catheterization can provide a complete image of the heart and thus a perfect diagnosis.

Why Wait When Your Heart Won’t?

With all of the technology available to prevent or treat certain types of heart disease, it is best to find the cause in time. This, however, can sometimes be a problem, since public hospitals are over-loaded with huge waiting lists for certain types of cardiovascular examinations. Only the people who are seriously ill get top priority for a heart exam, but thanks to walk-in ordinations like Clinique Diamant Cardiologue Montreal, this issue is finally solved.

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The very friendly private clinic is available for all patients who seek medical attention in Montreal. The ordination has specialists who provide the top cardiologic care in the province. These Cardiologists can help maintain the basic functions of the heart by monitoring and examining the way the muscle processes oxygen and nutrients in the blood.  Once the coronary circulation is evaluated, other tests of the arteries and veins are made.

Different types of conditions like congenital heart defects, acute coronary syndrome, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest, disorders with the outer lining of the heart, disorders of the heart valves, and disease of the blood vessels can be diagnosed and treated at this clinic. If different symptoms like high blood pressure or dizyness seem to bother you lately, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get it checked out by one of the specialists at Clinique Diamant Cardiologue Montreal.

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