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Know The Top Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea For Your Health

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in these days. Most of you prefer drinking tea in the early mornings or at evenings. There are lo of benefits of drinking tea. Apart from the black tea available in the market, some of the tea lovers also like drinking green tea for their health. To be honest, green tea helps in reducing weight and makes you look slimmer. Green tea helps you to cut off the extra fat from the body. Though, it tastes a little bitter it is one of the best tea variety available.

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Why you will prefer green tea:

Green tea is being used as the medicine for many years in the country like China. It is widely used in Southeast Asia as one of the popular beverages by the people. It helps in reducing the blood pressure and also makes you physically strong. It also helps in fighting cancer. The reason why green tea is healthier than black tea is that the latter option is made by processing. It is processed by fermentation. After processing, black tea losses all the anti-oxidants. On the other hand, green tea can help in retaining the anti-oxidants and poly-phenols.

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There are lots of benefits of drinking green tea for your health. Green tea helps in reducing your weight loss. It helps to increase metabolism and helps in fat oxidation. It helps in regulating the glucose level, thus controlling the diabetes. It prevents the insulin spikes and help in storage of fats in the body. Green tea is one of the effective ways in reducing oesophageal cancer and cholesterol. Studies suggest that green tea is helpful in reducing teeth decay. Regular drinking of green tea reduces the high blood pressure. It helps you to combat with depression and stress. If you are looking for iaso tea, then visit Here you will be getting the best varieties of tea.

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