Meditation and Yoga: 10 Things to Do To Avoid Headaches While Meditating

Do you meditate a lot? Have you gone through those terrible migraines, especially when you finish with the Third Eye Chakra meditation? Do you want to know how to avoid these migraine attacks?

When we meditate, it is quite obvious for the entire concentration of our body to be on the Third Eye Chakra. This Chakra is right between both the eyebrows on the forehead. When you meditate to improve your psychic abilities and intuitive powers, this is the only place where you need to concentrate the most. The best part is that there is a different energy received, when you meditate focusing on this Chakra.

However, when you get deeply involved into this meditation, you are bound to get headaches. Here are some of the ways in which you can avoid these migraine attacks:

  • It is always good for you to drink a lot of water before starting with this meditation. When you drink water, your body is hydrated; it is a healthy approach to meditation.
  • If you want to keep away from a migraine attack, have a pain killer or your regular migraine medicine before beginning with the meditation activity. Nothing works the way a pain killer does. Since precaution is always better than cure, it is okay to have a pain killer before starting with your meditation process.
  • Rather than concentrating on only one Chakra, concentrate on different Chakras, so that your body gets used to the different energies you are attracting to it.


  • There are different videos that guide you in the Third Eye Chakra meditation; go ahead and download a few of such videos and learn this type of meditation in a very simple and step-by-step method.
  • Do not drink alcohol before or while practicing meditation; any way, the images that you get after drinking are nothing related to your internal energies; they are all related to the intoxicating effects that your brain goes through due to alcohol.
  • Try practicing Yoga before getting into any type of meditation.
  • Practice some of the most unique breathing exercises, which are important parts of Yoga. Don’t forget a few Asanas or body postures before beginning with your meditation session.
  • Do not stress yourself to bring your focus on the Third Eye Chakra. The healthy approach to meditation is by letting the mind come to peace.
  • Keep your mind calm if you want to attain the deepest level of meditation without having a headache.
  • Do not force yourself to meditate.

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