Peptide Doping

The best way to get the upper-hand as an athlete, nowadays, is by intaking the naturally occurring, simple, and yet powerful peptides. Some of the most sophisticated and beneficial peptides have been banned by the World Doping Agency, but others have been approved for a day-to-day usage.

The peptide is a short chain of amino acids, which occurs naturally in the human body, and they can be consumed through food. In simple words, these are small proteins. It sounds incredibly simple and it is, but they can act as huge stimulants in the production of hormones even though they are not hormones, neither they are steroids.

Upon consumption, the peptide is easily digested by the body, and it disappears quickly after it stimulates certain processes of your body. As you know, amino acids are widely used by athletes and dieters for health purposes.

Nowadays, peptides are used in legal bodybuilding and weight-loss supplements, but some of their ingredients are banned for professional athletes. The legal peptides are used to help with the recovery of any muscle injuries. In fact, peptides which help with the recovery of the body are one of the fastest growing industry at the moment.

In order to build clean muscle mass, many athletes use these peptides in conjunction with anabolic steroids. Professional sportsmen must be very careful if they don’t want to intake a banned ingredients when taking supplements. At the moment, it’s an incredibly lucrative business to create peptides that can’t be caught by the doping agencies. However, they use state-of-art technologies to choose which they should ban and which should be legal for consumption.


Banned Peptides by the World Anti-Doping Agency

  1. Hexapeptide ( GHRP-6 )

The GHRP-6, also known as Hexapeptide, is a stimulator of the human growth hormone even though that it’s not a hormone itself. They stimulate the gland that produces hormones into the body. This one is also banned by the Anti-Doping Agency, but it stays in the body of the athlete for a short time, which makes it hard to detect.

  1. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator ( SARM )

This peptide stimulates the androgen receptors, which leads to the increasing production of testosterone. It is like injecting yourself with testosterone, but in this case, its production happens naturally. It’s a natural peptide that provides certain benefits such as boosted strength and increased muscle mass.

  1. Insulin Growth Factor

IFG-1, or Insulin-Like Growth Factor, is a natural peptide that produces hormones in the body that resemble insulin. According to recent studies, the intake of IFG-1 increases the growth of new cells and improves the muscle repairing processes. It is also beneficial when building muscle mass and losing weight.

  1. Mechano Growth Factor

This is an injectable peptide that stimulates the muscle repairing processes, and it also increases muscle strength significantly when you exercise.

Research only Peptides

These are peptides that aren’t certified for human use, but for veterinary and research purposes only. They are currently investigated by WADA, and they are yet to be prohibited.

  1. Actovegin – Extract of calf blood that is thought to boost stamina, metabolism, oxygen uptake and overall performance of the athlete.
  2. AOD9604 – Weight control peptide that affects metabolism.
  3. TA65 – It is thought that this peptide slows the aging processes of your cells.
  4. Cerebrolysin – This is a peptide extracted from the brain of the pig. It is considered that it treats Alzheimer disease and stroke victims.

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