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 Quit Smoking with the Help of Software Application

Smoking is one of the dangerous things one individual do each and every day. In the recent studies, it is proved that taking alcohol is much more beneficial than cigarettes. The death rate from cancer, heart attack and lung diseases has increased a lot. One of the vital reasons is over consumption of nicotine. Cigarettes can cause cancer and take a man towards death. Tough there are several ways to prevent smoking, the chain smokers cannot resist themselves to smoke. Not only the person who is smoking gets affected, people around him also face various problems.


One of the best ways to control the rate of smoking is to use an online app, which is best known as Smokebeat. It is highly effective in checking the rate of smoking. It is one of the important health apps that are used in these days to control the chain smokers. It helps in decreasing the physical health damages that are caused by excessive intake of nicotine.

This app control the smoking by improving the habit of the users and guiding them in the right way. With the help of this app, you can know your daily habit, compare your smoking habits with the other smoker, get credits and incentives on the app and also you can set up the smoking goals for yourself. You have to install the app on your android phone and it reads the accelerometer sensor data from the wearable devices. From that particular data, it tracks the puffs and smoking gestures. This app can identify the smoking in the real time and send the information to the cloud based servers.

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The users who are using this app should wear a wristband while they are smoking. With the sensor from the wearable, this app can identify the rate of smoking. Thus, you have to install SmokeBeat Alpha if you are chain smoker but you want to live a nicotine-free life from today.

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