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Raise the Bar of the IQ Score High and Increase Intelligence in Adults

New class of IQ development boosters are in the market that are compounded by using natural herbs and plants. These are known are nootropics and works in conjunction with the brain’s organic chemistry thereby enhancing cognition effect.

The nootropics work directly and enhances the imbalances of neurochemicals, improving concentration, memory, reasoning skills etc. In order to understand nootropics, let us first see how the nootropics work and how does it affect the intelligence.


The term intelligence has varied definitions and differs in individual’s perception. It can be passing with good results by a student, discovering new things by scientists, playing different strokes in music etc. In general concept, it means increasing brain power, ability of problem solving, retain information longer etc. But scientifically, it refers to natural mechanisms performed internally by the brain efficiently.

It all relates to the neurochemicals and information passing from the neuron to neurons through synapses. The communication becomes stronger when the network of neurons in stronger and deeper. There are hormones and stimuli that release neurochemicals and thereafter the signals are processed throughout the brain. Thus the gateway of intelligence is opened by influencing brain chemistry positively.


Supplements affecting brain chemistry:

Nootropics is the effective option for controlling the neurochemicals based on targeted areas for enhancing cognitive skills. It can inhibit as well as regulate the activities of the neurotransmitter thereby making your brain under control and pushing it for concentration, relaxation, improving memory.

The nootropic can be used as a stack that is built on herbal as well as synthetic compounds. For proper working of brain chemistry, the nootropic can be used daily for immediate results or it can be included in daily regime. It is possible to improve your intelligence as per your economy, convenience, and specific requirement.

Since the nootropics are available in many forms and sources, you will have to understand the necessary compounds associated and thereby select the unique blend for brain improvement.

Key Forms of Brain Supplements:

The following are key forms of brain supplements that are popular because of its usage and application:

  • Herbal Nootropics are gaining popularity as it known for non-side effects and are produced from herbal compounds.
  • Nootropic Vitamins are complex and essential sources of vitamins that are not produced by the chemical process of the body.
  • GABAergics are known for anti-stress and provides relaxed mood.
  • Cholinergics helps in the production of acetylcholine – an important neurotransmitter for overall cognition development.
  • Ampakines are used for memory formation and retention.
  • Cognitive Metabolic Enhancers main activity is to develop circulation and metabolism of the brain.

In order to gain long term development, you have to take the supplements as daily routine diet as per the suggested dosage and recommendation. Since each of the nootropic is different the combination stack has to be implemented after trial and error so that you are not in adverse condition. At the end of day, it is for your intelligence and hence it should be used intelligently.

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