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Skokie Official Says That, in the Long Run, Illinois Could Save Money By Treating Addicts


One of the greatest debates back and forth across the United States of the last decade is what to do with those addicted to drugs and alcohol.  There are over twenty million Americans who are addicted, so what can be done with them?  The state of Illinois has one of the worst drug problems in the entire nation, and therefore this state is working very hard to figure out what to do with all of its resident addicts.  Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner Monday rewrote a sweeping proposal aimed at curbing the heroin abuse that has plagued some suburbs in recent years, saying that while he supports much of it, the plan should be changed to limit costs for the state.  Treating and the drug rehabilitating Illinois tend to be very expensive for drug addicts and abusers.  However, it is not nearly as expensive as imprisoning them is and that is why the drug rehab referral service has many drug rehabs available to take in any individual in the Chicago to Illinois areas. The drug rehabilitation Skokie is available to treat individuals and they promise to help them get cured so they can move on and live a normal life again drug-free. The drug rehab Skokie sees a bright future for the residents in Skokie, Illinois for living a safer life.


The “new”, plan sent to Rauner tried to focus drug courts on treatment instead of jail, and the state would cover treatment for Medicaid users.  While this is still expensive, it would arrive as a miracle godsend for those addicted, and the beneficial results would really begin to appear years down the road when Illinois went from being one of the most addicted states in the nation to one of the most sober states out of all of them.  This new policy would also require all police and fire departments in the state to stock a heroin antidote that has been shown to save people from overdose deaths, plus train personnel on how to administer it too.

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Heroin: Harming the Community

To shed some light on the severity of the issue, last year, 33 people died in DuPage County from heroin overdoses, helping prompt a response from state lawmakers.  Skokie is one of the most heavily affected areas of the Chicago heroin epidemic.  For those addicted, a push towards treatment and rehabilitation would be far more efficacious than a punitive approach towards punishment and imprisonment.

It is important to essentially and totally support all of the above measures and applaud the multifaceted approach to combating this epidemic in Illinois.  For whatever bill is finally ratified, it must also include provisions that will impose a better future for all who are addicted, or else the effort will be all for naught.  In the end, the resolution to the problem will be that course of action that cures the most residents of Skokie and the surrounding areas while creating the least amount of cost upon the taxpayers.

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