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Start up your own dental practice

The essence of an individual enrolling into a dental school and spending four or more years there is for the acquisition of the academic and scientific knowledge expected and required of a dentist to posses before he or she is recognized as a qualified dentist.

It is usually not an easy task for one to successfully complete the dentistry studies, but upon completion of the studies, the individual is faced with the option of working for an already established dentist and be paid or starting up his or her own dental practice. For those that opt for working for an already established dentist, there are in several cases faced with a lot of challenges, and the same goes to those that opted to start up their own establishment.

Even as a certified dentist, you can’t/don’t just start operating as a dentist without undergoing some necessary processes. In fact, for a certified dentist to operate independently, he or she must have excellent communication skills, good sense of business and personal responsibility. Once you are sure that you posses the qualities listed before this line, then your next step should be to follow the following steps:

  1. Step one

This step involves getting of the necessary and relevant licenses and certificates that will permit you to operate as a dentist in a specific area/location. Whether you are practicing as a Doctor of Dental Surgery or a Doctor of Dental Medicine, your degree should be available and a certificate of participation in any dental program. Once the licenses and certificates are obtained, you can then proceed to the next step without the fear of being penalised.


  1. Step two

The next step after obtaining the licenses and certificates is to locate an already established dentist for some advice on the required capital for you to start and how to run it. You can also visit some consultants for their advice and also some lenders for loan if there is insufficient capital for you to start up your dental practice.

  1. Step three

The next step to take is getting a location for your dental practice. This phase is never an easy thing or something that doesn’t deserve and require full attention. You will need to carry out extensive research concerning your chosen location – the proximity it is to your prospective customers. You will also need to check if there are competitors around your selected location and how to beat them.

  1. Step four

After getting a location for your dental practice, the next step is to make purchases of the necessary equipments needed for your practice. You can get from equipments/tools such as handpieces, restorative tools and excavating tools. Once the tools are ready and in place, your next step is to move over to the next step.

  1. Employ workers

This is the last phase and should be attended to with utmost carefulness and wisdom. Yes you can’t wait to kick off, but you shouldn’t hire unqualified workers to avoid delivering inferior services to your prospective clients. Your main employees should be in the same field with you.

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