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The best solution for acne and scars on skin

Pimple is a nightmare for everyone. Even though pimples get away but they still leave scars behind. This is what irritates the most. Some scars fade away by their own witching but some scars take a very long time to go away. Scars can be cured by natural treatments but it takes a long of time in that way. But with the help of treatments and therapies, you can easily get rid of pimples quickly.

acne removal

Aqua Jet Therapy

Aqua Jet Therapy is the latest therapy which provides deep cleansing to your skin. There are many people in Singapore who opt for getting this therapy. This therapy is considered to be best for acne scar removal in Singapore. Aqua jet therapy works by cleaning the dermis from deep and removing scars and acne. This therapy involves three time’s facial massage and use of ingredients like salicylic acid, portulaca leracia and lactic acid. This triple solution provides deep cleansing to your skin. This therapy works better for enlarged pores, accumulated sebum, and clogged pores. It unclogs the blocked ducts and exfoliates dead skin cells. It helps to reduce textural irregularities and acne scars.

Pore cleansing

Pore cleansing is one the best advantages of Aqua Jet therapy. It gently cleanses the pores and provides you clear skin. Without any pain, you can get rid of acne and oily skin through this therapy. This therapy is suitable for rash prone skin, enlarged pores, acne prone skin, oily skin and clogged pores.

This 3 step facial therapy starts with exfoliation and cleaning of skin, followed with skin rejuvenation by delivering maximum amount of oxygen. After this massage cream is applied to your face to provide you a glowing skin. This therapy involves specialized treatments which helps you to get a clear, charming and glowing skin.

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