The Must-Know Forms of Self Defense

It is getting more and more common for people to learn self defense tactics in order to prepare themselves for an eventual ordeal. Since cities are getting more populated and there is more and more crime the choice is either to stay dwelled inside or to go to a place like Académie Frontenac where you can obtain all the knowledge and strength needed to defend yourself. There are a number of different martial arts self defense methods that people resort to, and all of them have pros and cons where one may be suitable for certain individuals than the other.

self defence

Defending Yourself with The Strength of Your Opponent

Doing physical sports that help you protect yourself in an ordeal is essential in today’s world. You have several options to choose from, and can choose which fits your personality and style the most after having given them a trial. Jui-Jitsu-MMA is a combination of martial art tactics that will let you defeat your opponent by wearing them out and avoiding their hits with quick reactions. Aside from the skin-to-skin combat they will help you concentrate and focus your mind on the task ahead, and that is to disarm your opponent and make them vulnerable. Aikido is somewhat similar, however it dates back to the time of the Samurai therefore the ancient tactics used are show through each move used in combat. Krav Maga is the third option, and is the newest form of self defense. This method focuses not only on your physical strength, but getting your mind ready for any situation and to react well without any mistakes.

Physical Combat that Gets You In Shape

If you are looking to build strength and get your coordination and reflexes into shape, than boxing is something that can get you in shape. This enduring exercise will not only teach you how to give great punches, but also how to avoid hits and jab just in the right moment. If using gloves is to your taste but you seem to want to kick your opponent than don’t restrict yourself with boxing, rather, get yourself together with some kickboxing. Here you can kick and jab your opponent and lose tons of weight in the process as it is a very straining exercise. Finally, if you still feel this is not enough contact, then getting your knees and elbows involved might be the solution, with the popular sport of Muay Thai.

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