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Top 5 Tips for Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries

Our feet and ankles are the only parts of our bodies that are supporting our whole body weight, as well as take all the demands and stress our body puts on them. With that said, the feet and ankles are vulnerable to injury. If that’s the case, then the feet and ankles are the areas that are frequently injured compared to the rest of the parts of the body. It is more common especially to those who participate in sports such as running, soccer and tennis. In order to prevent any injuries, the following are the top five tips in preventing a foot and ankle injury.


Tip 1: Wearing of proper shoes

Wearing shoes for comfort and wearing shoes for support – there are different footwear out there that are comfortable to the feet and can support different type activities. Not all shoes fit to all types of feet. There are feet with low arches which need shoes that provide support to both the front and under the arch of the foot. If you are unsure of what type of shoes to buy, ask the advice of a podiatrist.

Tip 2: Warm Ups

Warm up your foot muscles by jogging slowly or stretching for at least 2-3 minutes before starting any sports-related activities. Do not get involved in bouncing motions when you do some stretching as this can cause injury to the foot.

Tip 3: Build the Muscles

It is advisable to gradually build muscles in your leg, especially to your feet by conditioning them properly – which means, you need to slowly increase working out or doing any activity over a period on a weekly basis.

You can also do some stretching to your foot, ankle and leg muscles. You just need to make a habit of doing that before and after the exercise as mentioned above. When you stretch your muscles, it helps prevent any injury to reduce any muscle soreness while making the muscles flexible and elastic.

If in case there is soreness that is accompanied by pain or swelling, it is best to seek the help of a podiatrist right away before you do any stretches or exercises.

Tip 4: Do not walk barefoot

For hygienic purposes as well as to prevent from getting any injury like stepping on dangerous object laying on the street or floor, do not walk barefoot.

Not only would it raise the risk of getting an injury, but also an infection.  There are a lot of possibilities of what you might step into – perhaps you might step on a piece of glass or a rusted nail that can lead to tetanus infection. Aside that, there is a possibility of contracting parasites like hookworms, warts and fungal infections, which can be detrimental to one’s health.

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Tip 5: Pay Attention to Your Body

If you engage in sports or participate in other physical activities, but you are starting to feel some shooting pains, try to modify the activity or stop right away until the pain finally goes away. Also, you will need to try involving yourself in rehabilitation and training before going back to engage in any sports – this is to prevent any recurrence of the injury.

Another thing to ponder, there is another common way to prevent any foot and ankle injury such as walking regularly. Not only does it help in strengthening your leg muscles, but it is also good for the heart and blood circulation, fights stress & fatigue as well as increases your body’s flexibility. Treating any foot and ankle injury can vary, depending on the severity and type of injury.

In case you have a foot and ankle injury, seek proper medical attention to get the best possible outcome.

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