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ValueMags Promotes Clean Eating

Although the magazine marketing agency has unique relationships with every magazine they offer, ValueMags has particular magazines that they prefer because it create initiatives within the company. An example of that is the Clean Eating Magazine.

Clean Eating is a magazine about consuming natural foods and how to prepare it in the healthiest yet flavourful way. As a branch off, this promotes an all around healthy lifestyle. The majority of ValueMags’ jobs are sit down desk jobs. The innovative company understands that it is important to promote common goals, challenges, and morals within company walls. For that reason, ValueMags issues this magazines to employees that want it to promote a healthy lifestyle at work.

In addition, once a month ValueMags will have a private chat come into the company and demonstrate how to prepare a healthy, tasteful, quick to prepare lunch. ValueMags CEO often finds employees ordering out because it is “easier” or “faster”. Making food does consume time but in the long run it is beneficial. Following the demonstration, the company will feast on a healthy lunch.

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Employees and management are encouraged to bring their Clean Eating magazine home and share it with their family and friends. Although they may not see the value in the articles in Clean Eating, maybe their loved ones will. Initiatives that start within company walls, frequently become bigger than ValueMags intends; which is a good thing.

Having a hard copy of a magazine permits it to be passed on. Whether it is sitting in the pile of magazines next to the toilet or in a brief case for long train rides, Clean Eating is an intriguing magazine that is applicable to most ages. ValueMags CEO highly encourages families and young adults to get into the habit of healthy eating early with the help of Clean Eating.

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