What to Wear at Your First Yoga Class

So you’ve finally decided to give yoga a go but you don’t know what to wear? You can opt to scavenge and raid your closet but you can also invest in your yoga outfits. Either way, it’s wise to keep these tips in mind when dressing for your first yoga class.

  1. Get Comfy

If you’re not willing to invest yet, wear something you can easily move in like heavy duty tights (that won’t split open!), breast support, and comfortable underwear. When the word “comfortable” is shown, it doesn’t simply mean something you can sleep in. It also means an outfit that won’t make you self-conscious as you try out different forms.


  1. Stay as Dry as Possible

When it comes to your undergarments though, try to stay away from cotton or lace. They might be breathable, but they tend to absorb sweat and moisture which is no good for a whole hour and a half session. Go for sweat-wicking underwear or a whole sweat-wicking outfit and go commando. This is especially important for Bikram hot classes which will have you sweating buckets.

  1. Show Your Knees

It’s important for your yogi to see your knees. When holding yoga poses, your yogi will ask you to lock your knees and he needs to be able to see it. Locking your knees avoids injury and strengthens your form as you hold a pose.


But don’t go for super short shorts and lose shorts! You want to be in the zone and undistracted. When you’re bending over and lifting your legs, you might accidentally flash someone with your private business. You don’t want to be thinking of this during yoga. If you’re unconcerned about showing your stuff, be considerate and don’t distract others who are also trying to get into the zone.

Instead, your best bet is to…

  1. Go Snug

Go for tightly fitted yoga pants that are cropped or full length. This choice will accomplish several things. One, the tight fit to your skin will absorb your sweat. Two, full booty coverage will ensure no butt crack surprises. Three, the fabric will cling enough to show your yogi that you’re clenching those knee caps.


This also applies to the rest of your outfit. For girls, don’t go for a baggy shirt. During inverted poses, all that fabric will just end up on your face and leave you exposed. Go for a tight top like this perfect tank top or a good, snug sports bra.

Don’t choose clothing you need to keep adjusting. Don’t wear those leggings you need to keep pulling up. That’s why it’s important to get the right size that’s tight, but still comfortable.

  1. Stay Dark

With every article of clothing you choose, always remember to stay dark. Don’t choose light coloured anything because they just don’t work well with sweat. If there’s one thing you need to fully expect with yoga is that you’re going to sweat.


  1. Aftercare

If yoga is the last or only thing on your itinerary, slip on some flip flops for easy transitioning. Anyway, the chill factor of wearing flip flops won’t take you out your yoga- induced calm zone.

Bring a change of clothes. Whether or not you decide to shower after, you’ll definitely want to get rid of the good sweat you just had now sticking to your gear, especially if you’re heading somewhere. If you want to continue working out on your own or heading home though, maybe you can proudly strut out with a jacket and your yoga mat slung on your back.

Ready to get stretching and posing in a killer yoga outfit? Tell us about your yoga outfit in the comments! Or, for current yoga practitioners out there, anything else to add?

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