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Why a simple Blood Test

A Simple blood test that can detect ovarian cancer in 90% of patients brings new hopes of better screening programmes

A modest new blood test has noticed tumour cells 9/10 women who were in the early phases of ovarian cancer, a new study has discovered.

The method, which now looks for marks of the disease in blood serum compounds, has accurately diagnosed 90% of the patients tested.

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The discovery rate is head and shoulders above the current procedures used to monitor women at hereditary risk of ovarian cancer, counting amongst its arsenal a blood marker test that has a dependability rate as low as 50% for early stage disease, which is frankly huge news.

The disease now affects nearly 7,000 women a year and kills more than 4,000 of them, and it’s often down to being diagnosed too late.

The boffins over at the Georgia Institute of Technology took blood samples from women with stage one and two of ovarian cancer and also trailed a test group of healthy women to ensure the test was accurate.

They used newly developed technologies to separate cells to look for alterations between women with and without the early-stage signs of the cancer.

While the early discoveries have been very inspiring and encouraging, scientists have cautioned that they will need to carry out more widespread and extensive testing before the promise of a national screening programme is available.

The Lead researcher, Professor John McDonald, stated: “We think our results show great promise and we plan to further validate our findings across much larger samples.”

“What is inspiring is that many of the analytic features identified are metabolites that have been previously mixed up with ovarian cancer.”

Ovarian cancer has been notoriously problematic to treat because it characteristically is not identified until after it has scattered to other areas of the body.

Researchers have now been looking for a routine screening test that could identify the disease in stage one or stage two, which is when the cancer is confined to the ovaries alone.

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