You can still be gorgeous at 60!

Unlike the concept that you are getting older starts showing as you attain 35 years is a bygone idea these days. Thanks to the various cosmetic surgery treatments that have flooded the beauty markets. But had all these brands been excellent, every other woman or man walking down the street would have been another Miss/Mr. Universe. But that is not the case. This is because they don’t “age gracefully”. These people are the ones that try out different treatments regardless of the need to find out whether they are in safe hands.

Why Sono Bello?

When majority of the prospective patients are flocking to the many centers of Sono Bello across United States (it may be mentioned here that Sono Bello, the multi-network beauty clinic is spread across Atlanta, Bellevue, Scottsdale, San Antonio, Beverly Hills, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Sacramento), everyone cannot be wrong so, let us find out what extra does Sono Bello have to offer, which others don’t.

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  • Friendly and supportive staff – The staff at Sono Bello are masters in their own right. They have a team of well versed experienced, highly skilled, and confident plastic surgeons, cosmetic aestheticians, and coordinators that know exactly what is best for the patient. As far as the coordinating skills are concerned, you will be made to feel at ease by the skilled and humble coordinators and any anxiety that you are going through regarding the body transformation procedures will be counseled effectively.
  • Variety of procedures – The different types of procedures that are offered in cosmetic surgery/facelift treatment include the following. So, you have many beauty/cosmetic procedures to select from. Take your pick as per your budget and requirement.
    1. Vaser LipoSelection
    2. Eyelid Surgery
    3. Body Contouring
    4. Cellulite Removal
    5. Tummy Tuck
    6. Laser Liposuction
    7. Facelift
    8. SmartLipo
    9. Brow Lift
    10. VelaShape
    11. Liposuction
  • Ease of payment – Oftentimes, it has been observed that even if an individual has an ardent urge to go under the knife to look his best but non availability of cash becomes the biggest hindrance. At Sono Bello, this financial squeeze can be taken care of. If you approach any center of Sono Bello and opt for monthly payment plan, the financial burden can ease down to a great extent. There are customized payment options to suit the need of the patients. So, cash will not be a hindrance in your journey to looking gorgeous!
  • Non-invasive procedures – Many patients are scared to undergo surgical procedures and avoid these cosmectic treatments. At Sono Bello, you can opt for procedures like VelaShape that is a non-surgical procedure of body transformation.
  • Assessment by experts – One of the best aspects about Sono Bello is that prior to any procedure, the specialists do a thorough medical research related to the patient and carry out an assessment to ascertain the suitability of a particular procedure related to a patient.


So, one of the most important criterion to make your beauty/cosmetic surgery treatment/body transformation treatment successful is to zero-in on the right service provider in this field. And from track records, recommendations, referrals, one name that all and sundry have decided to vouch for is none other than Sono Bello!

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